Filling a Gap

Having spent 10 years in the construction industry after a career in technology, co-founder Brad Rollo recognized a common problem faced by people like him.

As a general contractor he spent most of his days running around being a gofer for his teams, picking up and delivering last-minute needed materials to his various job sites. He realized that while large orders were often well handled by suppliers, there was a gap in the supply chain for smaller material orders. In 2016, Brad and technology co-founder Raj Halli launched GoFor’s online and mobile apps and on-demand delivery service to fill the void for contractors that needed a few extra supplies delivered in a timely manner.

Since then, GoFor has expanded its offering to fill the need for same day and last mile logistics support for distributors and suppliers. GoFor’s flexible, on-demand services allows businesses to supplement their busy fleets or choose GoFor as their exclusive out-sourced logistics partner for affordable and reliable local and out-of-town deliveries.

GoFor is now operational in over 20 cities in Canada and will continue its expansion into additional North American markets throughout 2019.

GoFor Team

The GoFor management team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with backgrounds in construction, logistics, established technology companies and high-tech start-ups.