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Widespread Product Shortages Raise Havoc with Dealers’ Delivery Plans—and Budgets

Construction supply people are sounding a bit like Forrest Gump these days… and they’re not happy about it.

Tags: construction

Drones: Navigating the Future of Last Mile Logistics

“The last year has been very disruptive and destructive in some ways to a lot of people, but it's also shed a little light on...

The Rise of eCommerce Marketplaces and What It Means for Your Customer Relationships

While many brands and online retailers offer their products through their own websites and platforms, online marketplaces are...

Tags: retail

5 Important Reasons Lumber Dealers Should Consider Outsourcing Delivery

The days of handling all your deliveries in-house may soon be coming to an end. From fleet maintenance to staffing, in-house...

Tags: construction, lbm

Last Mile Delivery: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

As ecommerce sales surged over the past year, organizations have had to pay greater attention to all aspects of their supply...

Tags: supply chain

How GoFor is Helping Allmar Focus on Customers, Not Deliveries

Like many building material suppliers, Allmar used local couriers instead of a delivery partner to fulfill their in-town...

Tags: case study

How a simple can of $3 putty cost one plumbing supply store $331 to deliver

The phone rings. It’s your biggest account.

Tags: case study

How Smart LBM Dealers Avoid Losing Money on Delivery

Even in good times, construction supply is a low-profit business. Net profit at most building material dealers typically hits...

Tags: construction, lbm

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