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4 Ways Data Can Inform Logistics Optimization

The world is going through a digital transformation right now — and as processes move from paper to the cloud, one of the...

How Wolfe Construction Gets Materials to Job Sites Faster

Like many large general contractors, Wolfe Construction had an in-house delivery driver. The problem was, the driver’s...

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How Construction is Keeping Supplies Moving During COVID-19

In just a few months COVID-19 has radically shifted the way we all do business. And it’s forced companies to adapt at speeds...

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The Ultimate Guide to Last Mile Delivery

Thanks to eCommerce giants like Amazon, we’re all familiar with same-day shipping. In fact, it’s quickly becoming an expected...

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How to Choose the Best Last Mile Delivery Company

As any contractor can tell you, running out of materials sucks. You have to leave your jobsite, drive to a supplier, pick-up...

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How Yarmand Increased Sales During Peak Season with GoFor

Like many outdoor power equipment retailers, Yarmand had an existing delivery system in place with a pickup truck and...

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What is Last Mile Delivery?
By Tyler Nelson On December 17, 2019

What is Last Mile Delivery?

In the 1970’s just-in-time manufacturing transformed the consumer and industrial products industry. Instead of creating...

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How to Solve the Last Mile Delivery Problem in Construction

The last mile delivery problem is typically looked at within a retail e-commerce context. But in truth, it affects every...

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The Amazon Asteroid: How Building Material Suppliers Can Compete

No matter where you look today, you'll find Amazon's influence.

Having surpassed Walmart as the largest retailer in the world...

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