COVID-19: Service Notice & Special Precautions

At GoFor, the health of our employees, drivers, customers, and the general public is paramount to us.  As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, we want to ensure we are doing our part to keep people safe,  and keep critical supply chains moving.

Adapting Your Business to a Delivery-First Model. 

Suppliers everywhere are quickly shifting to a 'delivery-first' model. By doing so, businesses can ensure social distancing — eliminating retail visits from customers, while still offering a high degree of access to critical supplies at the job site. 


A Critical Role GoFor Can Play in Your Business.

GoFor is here to support your business. Our unique business model enables us to implement important safety measures while continuing to fulfill deliveries, Monday to Saturday 7AM to 7PM with last order at 4PM.  

  • We have the vehicle capacity to accept any type of delivery,  including car, cargo and box truck on-demand.
  • Our drivers are taking all necessary precautions to prevent spread. 
  • Our delivery includes curb-side or garage drop-off, which promotes social distancing.
  • Our platform ensures that you are notified every step of the way as your order is fulfilled — including photo verification of delivery.

We are also happy to work with our customers and follow any special pickup / drop off guidelines they have outlined.


What Can Retailers do to Maintain Business Operations and Safety during COVID-19?

Here are steps you can take to help your customers and prevent further spread.

  • Encourage your customers to purchase orders by email, text, or via your website. 
  • Adopt a delivery-first model. Make your customers aware of delivery options and promote curbside delivery — allowing customers to remain at the job site. 
  • Create an outdoor drive-through area and prepare packages for outdoor pickup.
  • When preparing materials for pickup, ensure staff are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), including work gloves and facial masks.  
  • Ensure that orders are prepaid and paperwork is clearly attached to the order. 
  • Do not accept cash and avoid usage of point of sale touch-based payment methods. 
  • Do not require drivers to sign any paperwork.
  • Explain to your customers the exact procedure you would like them to follow for purchasing or pickup.
  • Reduce distance and social interaction on delivery loading/unloading (6 to 10 feet).
  • Provide sanitizer at the order desks whenever possible for any staff.

Special Precautions GoFor is taking. 

Our delivery service does not require any paperwork and includes curb-side or garage drop-off, which promotes social distancing. In addition we have instructed our drivers to take the following precautions:
  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including work gloves, eyewear, and facial masks.
  • Reduce distance and social interaction on delivery loading/unloading (6 to 10 feet).   
  • Use hand sanitizer at the order desks whenever possible. 
  • Use phone and text communications whenever possible over in-person visits. 



To help answer any questions drivers may have as quickly as possible - we have created a COVID-19 driver support line - please call us at: 1 (844) 383-3446


Adapting To Changing Situations.

As the situation evolves, we will continuously update our approach and this page to follow the latest guidelines from health authorities.   

GoFor is always open to working with our customers to help mitigate issues safely.  As we collectively try new procedures, there will be opportunities to improve, adapt and stay positive.   If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to reach out.