Renewable Delivery

We're Positive About Carbon Negative

In today’s competitive market, your customers expect fast delivery. But in our rush, it’s easy to overlook the environmental impact.

At GoFor, we deliver differently: simple, seamless, and sustainable, to make our cities more livable. Our business model is based on taking carbon out of the air we breathe, not adding it. This is where getting negative is a positive.

Welcome to Renewable Delivery

We’re reinventing delivery services to bring lower costs and a lower carbon footprint to your last mile. We call this renewable delivery. By choosing GoFor as your delivery partner, you’re shaping a brighter future for your business and the planet – and your customers will notice.


Subtracting Emissions Adds Up

The three pillars of renewable delivery:

Renewable Miles

Through a combination of EVs and carbon removal offsets, we’ll remove the equivalent of ten miles of carbon for every mile we deliver for you with a non-electric vehicle.

Together we’ll achieve a net-negative impact – a win for our cities and our planet.

Smart Packaging

We’re committed to providing customers with 100% recyclable and 100% reusable packaging solutions that are carbon negative, divert landfill waste, and reduce delivery costs.

We’re working with partners today to offer the smart packaging of tomorrow.

Optimized Delivery

Efficient, data-driven delivery is also renewable delivery. We combine right-sized vehicles, professional, well-compensated drivers, and high-tech features like smart routing and dispatch, real-time tracking, and data-driven reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in a future where our cities are more livable.  Our streets are less congested. Our air is cleaner. And our weather is less severe. As we rely on having the world delivered to our doorstep in days or hours, emissions from tailpipes, landfill from packaging, and congestion in our streets all impact climate change. GoFor’s contribution is to make every package we deliver remove the harmful equivalent of ten packages delivered. This means every GoFor delivery brings us a step closer to our vision of more livable cities.   

Making our air cleaner, our weather more predictable, and our streets less congested means using fewer vehicles to deliver packages, switching to sustainable packaging, and removing carbon emitted from tailpipes. Practically, this translates into three key parts:

  • Renewable miles: We use a combination of carbon offsets that remove emissions from internal combustion engines and electric vehicles that have a much lower environmental impact.  For our drivers, we teamed up with leading EV companies (manufacturers and financing partners) to make it easy and affordable to switch to all-electric. 
  • Smart packaging: We offer our customers 100% recyclable and 100% reusable packaging options that are carbon neutral and avoid landfill waste. 
  • Optimized delivery: We bring the power of big data to optimize every delivery. Smart routing and dispatch, real-time tracking, right-sizing of vehicles, and true reporting work alongside our professional and well-compensated drivers.

We’re teaming up with leading EV manufacturers to make it easy and affordable for independent fleets and drivers to switch to all-electric. This means a reliable supply of quality EVs to meet demand. We also bring financial partners to these independents, making it simple for them to make the switch to electric.

Carbon removal offsets remove carbon from the atmosphere using techniques including regenerative agriculture, afforestation, direct air capture, and enhanced weathering. While avoidance offsets (like solar farms) or reduction offsets (like fuel efficiency standards) are helpful, they only slow the rate of climate change, while reduction offsets take carbon out of the atmosphere — a step toward making our cities more livable.

We geek out over technologies and big data to ensure that delivery creates less waste. And we put them into action. Our delivery routes are optimized for efficiency, reducing drive time and carbon emissions. We also enable our customers to choose the right size vehicle for every delivery, further reducing emissions.  Our marketplace of on-demand drivers and vehicles even allows businesses to reduce the number of underused vehicles they operate, so their service is appropriately scaled to get customers what they need when they need it (in the immortal words of Goldilocks: not too big, not too small, but just right).

It’s here today! We use smart systems and carbon removal offsets to reduce the environmental impact of delivering large and bulky items. We’re also actively recruiting professional drivers and building our EV fleet marketplace, with the goal of converting 50% of our fleet to all-electric by 2025.

Because your customers do. Yes, they want fast and low-cost delivery options, but where sustainable business practices are available, more and more consumers align with environmental concerns. In fact, it’s a huge driver of brand loyalty: they see your company as aligning with their values. As the first independent delivery company to offer a greener last mile, GoFor gives you a competitive edge.

We all want cities to be more livable, for ourselves and our families. The air we breathe and the neighbourhoods we live in matter. Our electric vehicles are quiet, they don’t create emissions, and our investments in carbon offsets use natural processes to remove and store greenhouse gases. Our tech-driven scheduling and routing of deliveries reduce the number of vehicles en route every day. And with smart packaging, we will also reduce unnecessary waste going to landfills and carbon-intensive manufacturing.

We are carbon negative today.

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